Becoming a Campaign Volunteer

Volunteer role
To support the work of NMP workers and MC in any campaigns NMP is currently facilitating / supporting.

What volunteers have done to support campaigns in the past

  • Provide practical support to the campaign by assisting NMP workers when we go out leafleting, helping to staff stalls at events, getting people to sign petitions, attending gatherings such as public meetings / vigils / protests etc.
  • Assist in producing campaign materials by helping paint banners, design leaflets, provide pictures for leaflets / annual reports
  • Attend campaign meetings held by NMP
  • Attend campaign meetings /events held by other organisations and feed back information from them to NMP. As we have quite a small staff team, this helps us stay in touch with what is going on a broader level
  • Help disseminate or distribute information on our campaigns out to local organisations / schools / community centres / individuals etc.

If you are interested, fill out our Volunteer Application form or contact us directly in the office to discuss it further.

If you wish to volunteer to assist with campaigns at NMP, it may be helpful to understand NMP’s key work first. The best way to do this is by volunteering to become an Emergency Service volunteer