Community Development and Outreach

NMP’s community development and outreach seeks to develop partnerships with community groups and local agencies in east London, to support their work tackling discrimination and inequality. The key focus of our work is with schools and youth projects, promoting race equality and civil liberties issues through seminars, talks and interactive workshops that centre on the Citzenship curriculum.

Currently our core priorities are to:

  • Provide community based training and workshops on issues of hate crime and discrimination.
  • Target and monitor the under-reporting of hate crime and discrimination in east London.
  • Ensure information is available on how to report hate crime and discrimination in the community.
  • Provide training around race equality and civil liberties to schools and youth projects.
  • Deliver training to young people around their ‘Stop and Search’ and ‘Arrest and Detention’ rights.
  • Develop partnership working and capacity building through targeted outreach work in black and minority community groups, specifically around issues of discrimination and inequality.

If you would like more information or arrange training for your community, please email or telephone us on 020 8470 8333.