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Thank you bannerIn October and November 2014, NMP sought to raise at least £7000 towards the cost of a worker to monitor the government’s new stop & search ‘reforms’.

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Why we launched this campaign

In August 2014, the government announced new plans to reform the use of police stop & search powers, in an attempt to address ongoing public disquiet around the way these powers are often misused, especially against minority communities and young people.

In the fifteen years since the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry raised its concerns about the disproportionate targeting of black communities, black people are still, on average, six times more likely to be stopped by police than white people.

The new ‘code of conduct’ announced by the Home Office sees the number of complaints from the public about the misuse of stop & search as a vital measure of the success or failure of the new reform. If complaints rise above a set “trigger” level, the police are expected to explain why.

We want to monitor how this is implemented in the six east London boroughs we work in. This means scrutinising how the Metropolitan Police conducts stops and searches, supporting local people to make complaints and encouraging more to see doing so as worthwhile.

What do we plan to do?

NMP is seeking to crowdfund £7000 towards the costs of a worker, who will monitor the way the new stop & search reforms are rolled out and who will assist members of the public, especially young people, to make a complaint if they are unhappy about the way they have been treated.

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