Month: September 2007

ES Newsletter – Sept 2007

ES Update: We have held two training sessions, we have recruited 14 new volunteers joining the Emergency service.

ES training dates: The last ES training date we had was on Saturday 11th of August. It went exceptionally well, and signed up new volunteers for the ES training. The next ES training is on 20th October. To all old volunteers if you have been volunteering for more than two years, it is essential that you attend. This will help you refresh your skills and what you have learnt before in dealing with ES calls.

Campaigns: NMP is still continuing to actively support the campaign for justice of the family of Jean Charles de Menezes. The project was involved with the press conference on August 2nd. Where the family expressed how they felt on the progress of their campaign and the IPCC report.

Seminars: On 11th June we had a book event with Clive Stafford Smith. April 25th JOCELYN Hurndall presented a book called defy the stars in the memory of her son.

New NMP projects: A rights workshop on 10th September for Swahili speaking refugee community groups. Stop and search workshop for community groups.

General info about NMP: On 14th July, Gilly Mundy memorial event took place at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green.